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Our Mission


We proclaim and seek to build a foundation of FORGIVENESS, love, unity; and enduring PEACE  by providing opportunities and mechanisms for groups involved in and affected by the conflicts to interact, share lessons and experiences with the goal to jointly participate in rebuilding, reconstruction, and rehabilitations efforts between and amongst the communities in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Our Vision

G L P F  work to initiate peaceful cohabitation and advocate for reconciliation and a catalyst of health, social, and economic development of the people in the Great Lakes region of Africa. We teach reconciliation by involving all the population stuck in this vortex of unending conflicts.


Our Approach


We  believe that reconciliation and integrated programming is the key to providing durable peace, stability, and successful development in the Great Lakes Region of Africa


Our focus is on serving areas that have not received due attention. In several large-scale crises, Great Lakes Peace Foundation has been the first U.S. based NGO to provide high-impact development and emergency programming to communities in need.  We believe that as a humanitarian agency, a main function is to communicate the pronounced needs of the vulnerable and affected populations to the international community. We also consult closely with local communities in order to ensure that its programs do not impose solutions from the outside, but rather address the needs and requirements for the long term.  This grassroots approach proves effective in fostering an environment of self-help and sustainability.


About us


The Great Lakes Peace Foundation was founded on July 7, 2010 in the U.S.A. in Arizona. The founder and President Innocent R. Birume, who now lives in the United States, created the organization to bring back PEACE, Forgiveness, and to assist vulnerable people and victims of wars living in the Africa.


We are a non-profit organization that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation, development assistance, and program services to vulnerable communities victims of War, Rapes, and Social injustice in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. We advocate for enduring peace with a mission of mobilizing the communities, local leaders, and all involved in conflicts to become more engaged in the cause of peace-building in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. Our work include: 

  • Working with local religious leaders, school board members, as well as adult students in reenacting peace among tribes.

  • Contacting different tribal armies, militant and rebel groups; and community members.

  • Organizing training, meetings, and conferences in both urban and rural areas communicating forgiveness, love, peace and unity amongst all local groups.

  • Rallying local leaders and opposing armies by encouraging them to become peace mediators among the African refugees in the United States and those still in the Great Lakes Region of Africa... until all can say to one another.  “I am responsible for PEACE!”

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