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Forgiveness & Reconciliation 


Reconciliation is the act of restoring friendly relations as when former enemies agree to an amicable truce. Such as has been accomplished between countries, provinces, states, tribes etc.  Reconciliation means accepting the previously unacceptable. The G L P F will enhance the prospects for societies that are tolerant and live in harmony together in the region.


• GLPF helps reconcile and restore relationships within local neighborhoods with a mixture of opposing African tribes and ethnicities within the region and abroad.


• GLPF helps conflicting tribes unite by endorsing reconciliation via forgiveness.


Bishop Desmond Tutu established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and was active until the sharing of common truth.  The purpose was to reveal past wrongdoing by a government or particular individuals, in hope of resolving remaining conflicts. As part of the peacemaking strategy, confession and cohabitation were necessary.

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