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Eastern Congo crisis Now!

Eastern Congo crisis Now! SOS!

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) plunged into new civil conflicts on May 20th, 2019. A militia group comprised of Red Tabara, Forebu, and FDLR (perpetrators of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda), Babembe, Bafulero, and Banyindu tribes attacked the Banyamulenge, a Tutsi minority tribe residing in the Haut-Plateaux Region in the South-Kivu province, DRC. After the attack and killings, most of the Banyamulenge population in the surrounding villages found refuge in Minembwe where the nearby MONUSCO is stationed. This affected the entire Banyamulenge population which resulted in and regional instability a shortage of medical supplies for local health centers. 


You can help by giving to the Great Lakes Peace Foundation. This new Foundation is a 501c3, whose mission is to provide aid to those who have been displaced by war and violence in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.



Great Lakes Peace Foundation programs depend on the support of thousands of people around the world.  Your generous support fuels our programs in disaster-stricken and war-torn communities in the Great Lakes Regions in Central Africa.  Your donation now will immediately be put to use, working to save lives and restore livelihoods.

Thank you for your interest with Great Lakes Peace Foundation as we seeks dynamic, enthusiastic, mature, and committed individuals and professionals for its volunteer positions.  There are a variety of ways you can join Great Lakes Peace Foundation in helping save lives and improve the livelihoods of people around the Central Africa Region.  Great Lakes Peace Foundation offers opportunities to volunteer internationally and in both, development and emergency response capacities

We proclaim and build a foundation of forgiveness, love, unity, and a durable PEACE for all ethnics, regardless of religion, race, gender, age or social status among people who live in the Great Lakes Region.

  We seek to initiate a peaceful cohabitation, encourage, support, and promote the forgiveness, peace and success and to prepare for a great future.

  We also serve widows and orphans who are victims of wars.

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